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Ayres Heating - Windpower

Climate change and increasing utility bills are two of the driving forces behind looking at windpower. Although unlikely to totally replace reliance on the national grid, windpower (or Micro Generation) can certainly reduce your dependency on the National Grid, will reduce your electricity bills AND reduce your carbon emissions.

There are two types of system, stand-alone and grid connected.

Stand alone systems are typically used in remote areas to provide power and charge batteries whilst grid-connected systems connect back to the National Grid. This means that the power is there when the wind is not, or demand is high, and when demand is low, any power generated is fed back to the grid and you receive payment for this surplus through Renewables Obligation Certificates.

Typically, an average household installing a 1 - 1.5kw domestic turbine can expect to see a saving of around 1/3rd with average UK wind speeds - however it is nearly impossible to be more accurate since the amount of electricity generated will depend on your location, average wind speed and the amount of electricity you consume.

Because of the varied requirements, Micro Generation through windpower is not a realistic DIY option. A professional survey will be able to identify the best location for your generator and ensure that the installation does not cause any damage to your property. Inappropriately installed systems can easily stress gable ends, chimney stacks and walls because of the lateral thrust they develop.

Ayres have partnered with one of the leading Micro Generation suppliers, Ampair - simply
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