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Ayres Heating - Underfloor Heating

Imagine a way of heating your home that evenly heats your house in the way you want, eliminates cold spots, lets you have total freedom over furniture placement and saves space because radiators are no longer required and reduces the circulation of dust.

Not only that, but underfloor heating provides a gentle heat that matches the most acceptable indoor climate where the feet are warmer than the head - unlike a radiator driven system where the head is warmer than the feet.

Now consider a system that delivers all of this and manages to reduce energy consumption
by using lower water temperatures through the use of highly insulated pipes to move the
water from the boiler to where it is required.

Early attempts at underfloor heating used electric elements laid in the floor, using overnight "cheap rate" electricity. However this was expensive, difficult to control and inefficient.

Modern underfloor heating systems use a fluid to carry the warmth from your boiler to the rooms to be heated. The boiler can either be traditionally fuelled by gas or oil or one of the more environmentally friendly solutions, using solar energy or a heat pump.



Nu-Heat - providers of underfloor heating components




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