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Gas and Oil Boiler Servicing
Did you know that if your heating system is not regularly services, the performance will decrease. This means that you will have to pay more to your utility company because your system will be using more energy to generate the same level of heating. This increase in energy consumption will also increase the about of CO2 that your system emits.

At Ayres Heating and plumbing we pride ourselves on offering a full range of services to our clients.

Landlords Certification
Gas appliances that have been provided by the landlord in rented accommodation are required to be tested and certified annually. This is a requirement in UK law.

As a landlord, you will be required to ensure that gas fittings and flues are maintained in a safe condition, ensure that each appliance and flue undergoes an annual inspection and ensure that your tenants receive a copy of the safety record check within 28 days of issue.

You also need to keep a record of each safety check for a period of 2 years.

Ayres Heating and Plumbing carry out Landlords Certifications for individual landlords and local estate agents.

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