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Ayres Heating - Case Studies
Mr D had a 20 year old oil fired heating system.

He contacted Worcester and expressed an interest in having the existing system replaced with something that was far more friendly to the environment.

Worcester contacted Ayres Heating and our Director, Jonathan Ayres made an appointment to visit to carry out a site survey and talk to Mr D about his requirements.

Mr D indicated that he wanted solar panels to be used and had identified where he wanted them installed.

The survey indicated that the preferred location was problematical in that the roof would not support the necessary scaffolding required during installation and the pipe run to the tank would be so long that too much heat would lost.

Jonathan identified a more suitable location  - south facing and right above the existing boiler.

This would mean that the transfer losses between panels and tank would be minimised meaning maximum benefit would be obtained. The new, high efficiency boiler and heavily insulated pipe work ensures that Mr D's heating costs are minimised and his carbon footprint is reduced significantly.

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